The Be You, Unhindered Community

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You’re a woman business owner.


You’re a seeker of visibility and uniqueness in this noisy online world.

You feel:

  • hidden
  • silenced
  • and like a mess

From too much info.

And from the fear that you’re just not good enough.

You feel icky instead of calm when you scroll through your news feed in the morning with that hot cup of coffee that is supposed to feel cozy.

It’s time something changed.

That’s what the Be You, Unhindered Community is for.

And you’re who it’s for.

I invite you to join here.

It exists because there’s just too much noise out there.

To help you know you ARE good enough.

To help you know and express who you uniquely are. So you can stand out over that noise and really get visible.

It exists as a warm, happy and safe place of support and fun.

In the Be You, Unhindered Community, you’ll find things like:

  • daily themes
  • chances to ask questions
  • sharing of successes, stories and celebrations
  • uplifting posts
  • fun challenges
  • support
  • interaction
  • encouragement
  • and brags about other people’s awesomeness

The daily themes are:

  • Me Monday – get to know your uniqueness and talk about authenticity, self-worth, self-care, fear and shame
  • Tell It Tuesday – share and promote what you’re working on and support others
  • Wild Wednesday – show off your unhindered-ness or share what you’re doing to move toward unhindered expression 
  • Thankful Thursday – express gratitude
  • Fun Friday – have fun and share funny, silly things
  • Super Duper Cool Saturday & Sunday – post whatever you think is super duper cool in yourself, your business, or your life

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I’m Leanne, the “Unhindered You Coach,” and I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you in the Be You, Unhindered Community.

You can find out about me here.

Really briefly, I love creating communities and cool things like courses, checklists and cheat sheets to help you know who you uniquely are so you can stand out over the noise online.

Click here to join the Be You, Unhindered Facebook Community. We’ll hang out over a virtual cup of coffee there :).

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