Your Online Visibility is Actually Invisibility

Come Out of Hiding So You Can Get More Clients

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Let’s get honest for a minute about your online visibility.


You want more clients.


You want to serve the people you’re here to serve.


It’s that simple.


You’re working hard to make that happen, but it’s not happening.


And you’re frustrated.


The truth is that you’re not really putting yourself out there. So that online visibility? Is actually invisibility. 


It feels like you’re putting yourself out there.


You’re busy (overwhelmed, actually).


But deep down, you’re secretly afraid that you’re just not good enough.


Being visible scares you.


So you hide and play it safe.


Sometimes that hiding is obvious. Like when you waste time or avoid.


And sometimes it looks like:

  • busyness with things that seem useful but just keep you spinning your wheels
  • overwhelm from all the courses and freebies and podcasts that shout for your attention
  • not enough time
  • perfectionism
  • or not being your real self because you’re afraid that people won’t like you if they know what you’re really like


I totally get it.


This is been my hugest lesson. I’ve been on a journey my whole life of learning who I uniquely am, learning to love myself and learning how to express who I am in my life and business. Now, I’ve created a unique system to help you do the same.



  • The fear of not being good enough is the HUGEST fear among women and it hurts me to my core.
  • I’m called to serve this way. It’s my purpose.
  • There’s just too much noise out there. I’m kinda tired of it, honestly.


So, I empower you to come out of hiding, live your purpose and be your unique, unhindered self so you can get visible and get clients.


I help you know:

  • where to even start with getting visible

  • how to get visible when you’re scared shitless

  • and that you are good enough to put yourself out there and stop playing it safe


Plus . . .


A friend of mine once described me by saying,


“You take all this information and go like this.” She moved her pointer finger around and around in a spiral shape, getting closer and closer to the center. She continued, “Then you say, ‘That!'” She then pointed her finger into the center of the spiral.


It’s true. And it lets me create simple, cool and awesome things for you. Key word being simple.


So you can get outta the noise.


Get 7 Ways to Really Get Visible Online

get visible

Fun Facts About Leanne Chesser

  • I love learning. My degrees are in psychology and education. I also worked on my masters in intercultural studies and world religions. One day, I plan to finish that. I’m also a certified life coach, Reiki practitioner and social media manager. Personality, self awareness, spirituality, vegetarian eating and online business are my passions, so I love learning about these things, too.

    Leanne Chesser

  • I can deal with HUGE amounts of information because I’m a little nerdy that way. Spending time in my office with my office supplies (like clipboards, pens and Sharpies) is one of my favorite things to do. A couple of my gifts (superpowers, as I call them) have to do with information. First of all, I can zero in and get to the heart of the matter. Secondly, I can organize, synthesize and summarize info and then create materials like courses and checklists.

  • I have worked with people with disabilities for about 27 years now in various ways (group home, teaching, supervising).

  • Anal? Yes. I get totally anal about spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes, but I use ellipses way too much in my writing, I start sentences with “and” and “but” ALL the time and I like writing how I talk. See? Great grammar!

  • I also love hanging out with you and creating awesome communities. Building relationships, creating communities and supporting others is also I strength I have in my current job as a classroom supervisor. My job is kinda like a vice principal.

  • I’m a mix of opposites. I love to laugh AND I’m serious. Freedom is something I greatly value AND I like order. I’m introverted AND relational. Silly AND intellectual. I see the big picture AND the steps. As well, I’m quiet AND I have a sassy, wild side. Can you tell?

  • I have been scared s-h-i-t-l-e-s-s of speaking in any way and I’ve had to work through a lot and overcome a lot. You can read about one story here


I’d love to get to know you, too.


Get 7 Ways to Really Get Visible Online

get visible








The More Official Bio

online visibilityLeanne Chesser, B.A., B.Ed., CC is a certified teacher and coach. As the “Unhindered You” coach, she empowers women entrepreneurs to come out of hiding, live their purpose and be their unique, unhindered selves so they can get visible and get clients. She uses hand analysis as one tool to help women discover their true selves and their purpose in life.


She is the creator of the “You Are Awesome’ Toolkit” and the “90 Days to a New, Unhindered You” program. She loves teaching women about their worth, helping them know who they uniquely are and working with them to express that uniqueness in their lives and businesses.


She has a powerful vision for the world. She believes that when you build your worth from the inside out, it changes everything. It creates ripples within you that then extend out into everything in your life. She sees her ripple touching your ripple and your ripple touching someone else’s ripple until the ripples extend across the entire planet, transforming it.


She is a mom and a grandma and loves vegetarian eating, nature, elephants, writing, learning, online business, personal growth and spirituality.


You can find Leanne at https://www.leannechesser.com.


“Be you, unhindered.” ~ Leanne Chesser