I sat there staring at the fear-inducing blue button (wondering to myself w-h-y-y-y I signed up for this Facebook live stream challenge).


There was a fight going on between two forces.


Force one threatened to take. me. out.


My heart was pounding. I was dizzy, on the verge of tears, freaked out, and viewing a replay in my mind of all the humiliating moments from my past when I spoke and messed up.


Those moments screamed loudly and pulsated in sync with my pounding heart.


Force one was in my head.


Force two kept telling me that I need to do this.


I need to step out and speak (I’ve known this for a long time now). And I need to take this step through fear or I’d remain in the same invisible place I’d been for years.


This force was in my heart.


It was a do or die moment.


My heart pounded.


My hands shook.


I kept trying to listen to force number two and reached for that stupid blue button with vibrating fingers . . . but force number one would take over with a rushy, overwhelming, pukey sense through my body.


And I stopped.


Over and over again.


For fifty minutes.


Yup. Five. Zero.


Thoughts raced in my brain. My eyes rolled. My gut wrenched. I paced. I went and cried fear-releasing cries to my partner.


And then it happened . . .


I pushed the button.


Sort of by accident because my shaking finger shook and pushed it during one of my attempts.


But I still pushed it. And I did the Facebook live stream.


Force number two won out. Because it had a t-i-i-i-n-y bit more pull than force number one. For me, it was my heart winning out over my head.


And it ended up being a breakthrough moment for me.


Join me in living your unhindered self.


Start by finding out if you believe the myths that cause you to accidentally miss your life purpose (you probably do).

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