The Facebook Live Stream Challenge That Made All the Difference

I sat there staring at the fear-inducing blue button (wondering to myself w-h-y-y-y I signed up for this Facebook live stream challenge).

There was a fight going on between two forces.

Force one threatened to take. me. out.

My heart was pounding. I was dizzy, on the verge of tears, freaked out, and viewing a replay in my mind of all the humiliating moments from my past when I spoke and messed up.

Those moments screamed loudly and pulsated in sync with my pounding heart.

Force two kept telling me that I need to do this.

I need to step out and speak (I’ve known this for a long time now). And I need to take this step through fear or I’d remain in the same invisible place I’d been for years.

It was a do or die moment.

But the future terrified me as much as my past reminded me of my mess-ups.

My heart pounded.

My hands shook.

I kept trying to listen to force number two and reached for that stupid blue button with vibrating fingers . . . but the fear would take over with a rushy, overwhelming, pukey sense through my body.

And I stopped.

Over and over again.

For fifty minutes.

Yup. Five. Zero.

Thoughts raced in my brain. My eyes rolled. My gut wrenched. I paced. I went and cried fear-releasing cries to my partner.

And then it happened . . .

I pushed the button.

Sort of by accident because my shaking finger shook and pushed it during one of my attempts.

But I still pushed it. And I did the Facebook live stream.

Force number two won out. Because I let it have a t-i-i-i-n-y bit more pull than force number one. For me, it was my heart winning out over my head in that moment.

It ended up being a breakthrough moment for me that was followed by a series of lessons on fear.

Can you relate? Let me know in the comments.

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