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go from "shoulds"
to free, authentic expression
So, here’s the thing.

There’s a lot of stuff out there that tells you who you should be, rather than who you truly are.

You’re shamed.

You’re silenced.

You’re marginalized.

All because some standard or expectation or belief says you should be something different or more right or more acceptable than you are.

Whatever that means.

And you lose your uniqueness.
Your uniqueness gets covered up underneath everything that tells you who you "should" be.

You feel wrong.

You become closed up inside.

And you aren’t satisfied sexually (and you aren’t even really sure why).

It’s time for that to change.

I’m all about working at the foundations of things to create real and lasting change. 

It’s not about continuing as we always have, hoping it’ll get better, or pretending that things are okay.

It’s not about trying stuff on the outside, without looking at the foundational stuff underneath.

It’s about (re)discovering who you really are in so many different ways, including what you want, and leaving the stuff that doesn’t serve you behind. 

Sounds good, right?
"At the core, sexuality is about uncovering who I really am underneath all of the cultural conditioning."
~ Jaiya


Hi! I'm Leanne Chesser.

Leanne Chesser (she/her) is a certified teacher and coach. She's the creator of The Heart of Sexuality, the HEART™ Methodology and The Satisfying Sex Series. She helps women know who they are without all the stuff that says who they "should" be so they can unleash their authentic sexual desires, master their pleasure and express what they want without shame.

Leanne is working on her M.A. in Equity Studies, focusing on gender and sexuality, as well as another coaching certification that includes multiple modalities to support her clients in creating the sex lives they desire.

She has a powerful vision for the world of free, equitable, authentic sexual expression, creating openness, celebration, acceptance and inclusion of all our beautiful uniqueness as humans and eradicating shame, silencing and marginalization.

What Others have said ...

I was feeling very insecure about every move I was making and afraid to put my thoughts and feelings out there and fearful of backlash.

The greatest result I got was that I no longer feel like a prisoner. 

It feels free to be the real me.”
~ Joy Walters-Kidd, Legal Strategist
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I'm committed to being on an anti-racism journey and to creating a safe space based on diversity, equity and inclusion. 
If I miss something or do something that's harmful, please message me so I can do better. 

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