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Leanne Chesser
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You want to show up and share your message, serve more clients and make more sales but you feel stuck, scared, silenced, scripted and edited by shoulds.

Sales calls feel scary, slimy and icky and you either avoid them like the plague because you have no idea what to even say, or you use scripts that just feel grosser.
If you're honest, you're also scared of showing up online in other ways like livestreams, podcasts and speaking opportunities ... and if you're like I was, you get knots in your stomach, your throat tightens up and you go silent just from thinking about this stuff. 

As a result, you stay in your comfort zone where things feel safer and you don't fully put yourself out there to serve people, live your mission and make a difference in the ways you were meant to.

That's what I help you do - - become an unscripted entrepreneur. So that you can sell without sleazy scripts, show up even though you're scared, succeed without shoulds and of course, serve more clients. 

Sounds good, right?  
" What makes a great salesperson great at sales is that he or she is [or they are] wholeheartedly interested in the other person."
~ Bob Burg & John David Mann


Hi! I'm Leanne Chesser.

I'm the creator of The Unscripted Entrepreneur and The Sales Success Series where I help service-based entrepreneurs sell without sleazy scripts, show up even though they're scared and succeed without shoulds so they can serve more clients!

As a certified mindset specialist with over a decade of online business experience and over two decades of experience in psychology, teaching and educational leadership, I believe in working on the real, underlying issues in order to create sustainable results.

So, I mix mindset with practical elements through my 7M System™ and HEART™ Methodology to help you build the essential foundations you need to feel good about sales calls, confidently know what to say when you're selling and consistently serve more clients.

What Others have said ...

I was feeling very insecure about every move I was making and afraid to put my thoughts and feelings out there and fearful of backlash.

The greatest result I got was that I no longer feel like a prisoner. 

It feels free to be the real me.”
~ Joy Walters-Kidd, Legal Strategist
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I'm committed to being on an anti-racism journey and to creating a safe space based on diversity, equity and inclusion. 
If I miss something or do something that's harmful, please message me so I can do better. 

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